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PB Blaster coroded electrical cable fix

04-24-2020, 11:14 PM
I read where a guy had an issue with the starter turning over slowly on his car and after checking the alternator and battery and discovering they were fine he then decided to check the battery cable connection at the starter motor itself.
He immediately notice some green corrosion on the end of the threaded bolt on the starter that the battery cable attached to.
He decided to hose this bolt down with PB Blaster and let it sit for a few days before attempting to remove this connection. During the three days of waiting he hosed down this bolt three times with the PB.
Prior to disconnecting this electrical connection he started the car to make a quick trip to the store and noticed that the starter popped right off and spun the engine with great efficiency, and it did the same when he returned home.
As a result, he never did remove and clean the cable connection.
is this possible, that the PB dissolved enough rust and corrosion to allow this connection to function properly.
Has anyone out there ever experienced such a thing or heard of similar experiences? Will PB Blaster actually conduct electricity?

HarkAuto :confused:

04-25-2020, 04:48 AM
Its entirely possible this is not the issue.....Next time it does not turn over- have someone hold key on start position and you slam the hood. If stater works- you have just jarred the starter into centering in its brushes and it will work for the next 11 starts. Then wham it happens again.. Now you can lay under vehicle and tap it with a hammer. If starter engages, you have a worn out starter armature. Needs a new starter.

I've done this for 6 months on a couple different vehicles..

04-25-2020, 08:54 AM
brcidd's suspicion is very valid. But if it turns out the corrosion was the issue, it's not so much that the PB is conductive but rather that it does an effective job of dissolving and penetrating the corrosion (which is what it's designed to do) and the multiple "hose downs" flushed enough of the corrosion away that the electrical connection was able to be restored. I'm not sure how long I'd expect this to continue to work though. Driving through puddles and the like may eventually wash away the PB and allow the corrosion to set in again. If you know the guy, you may want to suggest the next time he has a couple of free hours he disconnect the suspect connection, clean the corrosion, apply some dielectric grease, and reassemble.


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