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1994 xfi available Seattle area

03-15-2020, 02:34 PM
Son's daily commuter broke timing belt and we have no way or energy to work on it. Prefer it go to enthusiast, can work out reasonable deal. Have not done a borescope so not sure how much damage.
Purchased Jan 2015 with about 65K on it, now has 117xxx. Driven on Whidbey Island for 17 mile commute except when getting new tires (current ones 2 yrs old). Never really tried for best mpg, but was at about 50 I think he said.
Has usual WalMart parking lot dings (he works there), but no visible rust I can find; sills, fender wells or engine compartment (horns?). Kind of a ChittyChitty BangBang, exhaust noise; I do not drive it so will have to ask about most anything else.
Wish had a photo of my little Escort wagon towing Metro home, Island people pretty understanding.
Please do private contact if interested, thanks
Linda B

03-25-2020, 10:38 PM
Hi, me again,
Belay that last post, did some research and talked with son and he changed belt his last couple days off. New belt was really tight, but seemed to settle in. Our repair guide had 4 bolt crank pulley with 10mm bolts. The xfi had 5 bolts at 8mm so my prep of required tools was found to be lacking. But car running well and know he will be much happier maintaining his current mpg rather than moving on to something else.
Linda M M B

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