Oil Pressure Switch

03-13-2020, 08:31 PM
Is this the Oil Pressure Switch for a 93 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham if its not what is it? and where would the Oil Pressure Switch be located?

https://i.postimg.cc/H8YD5Yty/IMG-004.jpg (https://postimg.cc/H8YD5Yty)

03-14-2020, 04:21 AM
Typically they are located next to or under the oil filter base-- looks like your photo is on top of engine. And typically, it is NOT a switch- would be a three wire transducer- that measures the pressure- and sends info to the instrument cluster.

03-15-2020, 03:18 PM
I'm not confirming you are wrong but someone said it could be found next to the EGR valve and what do you mean it's not a switch, the Computer activates the fuel pump, and when the engine produces oil pressure what you say is not a switch takes over and you did not name the part i have the arrow pointing at on the Carburetor.

My car has a new ECM i had tranfer the the CalPak to the new ECM but still not starting the fuel pump Relay is Clicking, the fuse is good, there is spark, the is compression, the car has a new fuel pump the only thing missing is gas coming from the fuel tank to the Engine that's why i want to check out what you say is not a switch.

03-16-2020, 03:01 PM
Thanks but when the fuel pump relay is out of the car i tested it with the power prope it clicks but when i put the fuel pump relay back in the car the new ECM with the CalPak transferred to it still not activating pin 85 of the relay the control side which does fuel pump prime then start the car it does nothing there is no power on pin 85 when the ignition key is switch on.

Before i got this new ECM the old ECM used to power up pin 85 of the fuel pump relay this happened when i made mistake of jumping pin 85 to pin 86 with a paper clip i should of jump pin 30 to pin 87 and the fuse pump 10A fuse was also blown after i made that mistake i change it with another 10A fuse and there is power on both side of the fuel pump fuse now.

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