Factory brake pads and rotors

02-21-2020, 01:47 PM
I have a question that should have an easy answer, but itís giving me some trouble. I have a 2018 charger rt with the super track pack. I need to replace my pads and rotors but online sites arenít able to find parts. I assume itís because there are so many different brake options for the chargers. I do not have the brembos. I have the 245 45 20 factory wheels and tires. Is there another vehicle that uses the same parts as mine that I can use in the online form to shop around? I appreciate any help

02-21-2020, 02:44 PM
Rockauto lists all the pads for that car.

04-06-2020, 12:46 AM
Sometimes autoparts store don't post it online so what I did is call them to find rare parts. Try https://www.allmoparparts.com/.

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