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Questions Regarding Aftermarket Chassis Parts

02-12-2020, 01:43 PM
Hello all,

I am currently working in junction with an aftermarket parts company on durability testing various chassis parts (control arms, sway bar links, tie rods, etc.) for my senior design project at university. In this design process we have been asked to get in touch with consumers and companies who utilize aftermarket chassis parts to ask questions about the products that they use.

For car enthusiasts and mechanics who have replaced a chassis part with a third-party part:
-What did you specifically look for when researching your replacement part?
-How has your experience been since replacing the part? Has it performed well?
-Would you go about purchasing your aftermarket part differently if you had to go back and do it again?

If there is anyone out there who works in durability testing of any chassis parts:
-How do you specifically test your parts? (Don't need to disclose company, can also dm me with your response if you don't want it posted to the masses on this forum)
-Do you use specialized testing tools for individual parts and models or do you use a universal machine?
-Do you test your parts to failure or to a set amount of cycles?
-What software do you use for your data collection/what language did you use to program your data collection software?

Thank you for your time! I greatly appreciate it.


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