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Painted vs primed body parts

02-09-2020, 05:07 PM
Just looking for some advice on whether to go with painted or primed new body parts. My daughter had a run in with a mailbox in our 5 day old 2016 CX-5 and did considerable damage to the hood, bumper and grille. I got an estimate of over $2000 from the body shop. It looks like I can get away with at least half that if I buy the parts online and replace them myself. My question is: Is it generally less expensive to buy primed parts and take them to a body shop and get them painted, or just buy them pre-painted from one of the websites that deals in painted body parts? It seems like there aren't many options for pre-painted parts, so I'm wondering if their prices are high. Any recommendations or links to other sources of painted or even primed parts would be appreciated. I've looked at PaintedAutoPartsdotcom, and PaintAPartdotcom. The former has the parts I need, the latter only has the bumper. Due to pretty high shipping costs, I want to try to use just one source. Thanks in advance.

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