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Looking for a cost effective way to reclaim energy lost from the ethanol hoax

12-25-2019, 10:49 AM
I thought about doping gasoline with diesel to cost effectively gain back the energy lost by the ethanol hoax. There is no problem with the fuel system, computer, sensors, or catalytic converters. However, diesel and jet fuel/kerosene have terrible octane numbers; typically about 15-25, because high octane is anathema for a compression ignition engine. Starting out with higher octane gasoline is not the answer because they contain less energy per gallon, which would in turn require increasing the ratio of diesel, which would in turn would depress the octane. Stripping the ethanol doesn't work because it is part of what supports the octane rating, thus stripping it reduces the octane of the fuel. Ethanol-free gasoline is not cost-effective due to the artificial costs imposed on it to enforce the ethanol hoax. It requires 22,000 BTUs to create a gallon of gasoline, which has 120,000 - 124,000 BTUs (not the 14,400 they changed it to) whereas it takes 98,000 BTUs to make a gallon of ethanol, which contains 76,000 BTUs. The farm bill costs 1 1/2 times as much as the defense budget. We are exporting oil. They have been buying votes at our expense since the 90s. I'm simply looking for ideas for a cost effective way to to get back the 4% back they stole.

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