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License Plates- what's your favorite option?

12-16-2019, 08:16 PM
What do you like to do for license plates on your builds?

I've just finished two cars in rapid succession- which has left me faced with the fact that I really don't have a consistent decided option for doing plates on car builds. Do you? I've historically kind of treated it as unimportant (or uninteresting)- and as a result my finished builds look a bit haphazard and random together. I realize I'd like something that doesn't look like an unfinished thought on an otherwise nicely finished build. Maybe it's worth some consideration.

Do you have a favorite solution? Use whatever decal the manufacturer included? Make something to match your home state/province/nation? Use a manufacturer logo? A personal signature? Intentionally exclude them? Unintentionally exclude them? Don't bother to care...?

12-17-2019, 10:30 PM
I usually make my own plates. Here in Aus most of the States have online systems where you can order a plate for your 1:1 car, so I just put in the plate and copy the preview image. I know there are similar options for plates from the UK. I resize the image for scale or to fit the model.

I used to print my own on decal paper, but realised I was always waiting until I had sheet full so that I did not waste the (not inexpensive) decal paper. Recently I have taken to printing the plates directly on to standard 4" ◊ 6" photo paper. This paper is cheaper, I seal it with MicroScale Industries Micro Flat or Satin, cut out and mount with thin double-sided tape. I find the thickness of the paper is a reasonable scale match to the thickness of a real plate.

The plates on the few recent buils I posted were done this way.


12-18-2019, 06:41 AM
I mostly use a manufacturer emblem/logo.
P/E black/silver or decal (supplied with kit or self printed) on P/E base.

12-19-2019, 05:45 PM
standard 4" ◊ 6" photo paper

This, plus a PE plate frame, looks very close to 1:1

Martini Man
12-20-2019, 08:40 AM
ACME.com is where I go for USA plates.
scroll to the licenses plate maker.

02-21-2020, 06:02 PM
I donít like them. I always remove them. Itís personal choice of course

03-05-2020, 12:27 AM
On myplates.com you can make any Texas plates. I'm certain there are similar sites for other states.

02-27-2021, 10:44 AM
Since I build mine mostly factory fresh, I usually forgo plates in favor of Kjenjak's method.

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