Questions about boosting a 2006 5.7l 300c (AWD)

11-28-2019, 04:52 PM

This is my 1st post on this website, so I hope I get some replies!

So I have a 5.7l 300c and I had a few questions about upgrading.

1.) How much HP can this engine take with forged internals, stock block, but still be reliable? Iím really hoping that 500hp should be able to run reliably with the forged pistons and rods.

2.) The engine has 125k miles on it. How many more miles will it last with a proper rebuild?

3.) What is a good, reliable air suspension kit that I could install to make the ride butter smooth?

4.) Is there anything else I should know when upgrading this car?

Any and all replies would be very helpful! Thanks in advance!

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