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Steering Angle Sensor

10-08-2019, 01:53 PM
My sister has a 2008 BMW X3 3.0i

She recently had some work done, the front driveshaft failed. It was a recent purchase so the mechanic said it was most likely already broken when she bought it but not showing symptoms (Thanks BMW Dealer)

When she drive, especially when starting off from a stop the 4 X 4 light comes on and there is a slight grinding noise from the front end, but not every time she starts off. We thought the front driveshaft replacement would fix this but it hasn't. The brakes, rotors were also replaced. All oxygen sensors were replaced, air mass flow sensor and valve cover gaskets were replaced.

The car also tries to die when this occurs (Startup Assist failure?)

We have seen several videos, some say to remove the sensor altogether and you will just have a 2wd vehicle and others say to access it through the steering wheel, remove and clean it.

Before I start taking apart steering wheels, I would like the groups opinion.

Usually happens in first gear, all lights, signals, wipers and cruise works. So we don't think it's the SZL Module.

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