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new Front Struts but car won't Align

It is a car!
09-16-2019, 05:47 PM
i replaced (DIY) the two front Strut Assemblies (struts+springs) on my 2007 Torrent FWD due to uneven tire wear (Toe -inner tread wearing out faster then outer) and the original struts are non-adjustable because GM thought it would be cheaper to manufacture/assemble it this way. The newly installed struts have two sets of holes, one is round and other is slotted for Toe adjustment. while the original struts only have round holes-non adjustable. but with 160K miles, the car is sagging with age and needs a Toe alignment.
I installed the new struts then sensed something was wrong test driving it- i could feel and visibly see the Toe and Camber where way off. i took it to the Alignment shop and they could not get it anywhere near spec and t
hey could not tell what the problem was. now i am stuck. I baught the struts from Rockauto back in March (Monroe 672526 & 672527) and finally found the time to install them yesterday . what happen ?? did they send me wrong part? i cant tell now because they are on the car. i did notice while installing the spring on the new strut was a little different(the number of coils) than the old ones but everything else seems the same.

09-16-2019, 09:45 PM
You don't adjust the toe with the struts, you adjust it with the tie rods.

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