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Jetta '14 did not start. Bad gas? Broken timing chain.

06-28-2019, 01:29 PM

For anyone that can help me find out what could be wrong with my Jetta 2014, I would greatly appreciate it.

I put gas on my car at 8 AM and drove it home (2 miles) and parked it. At 8 PM I tried to start it and it would crank and try to start (rev up?) but it'd go dead soon after (3 seconds). I thought it could be bad gas since the following day the gas station had signs saying they were out of regular gas due to a problem with the pump filters. The mechanic at the dealership told me the engine had jumped time and that I needed to replace the timing chain and tensor; now they are also saying I need a new block since several valves were bent. Is it possible bad gas may have cause this? Is it possible gas is the issue and they are trying to rip me off? Can the chain break while trying to start the engine when the fuel filter is clogged? I am unsure of what to do. I owe $3,600 on a car that is 86000K; a new blcok will be $3500 and a machined one $2,300. Any thought/suggestions?

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