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2013 Sonata 2.4 Bank 1 Sensor 2 Repair Notes

05-22-2019, 10:25 PM
So I had several check engine lights but all of them were pertaining to "bank 1 sensor 2". Heater circuit , voltage high/low codes and a couple other ones all pointing to sensor 2. All I have is a very basic code scanner and the part was only 30 bucks. So instead of spending double that to have someone look at it, I just got a sensor and popped it in. *shrug*. If I had the scratch I definitely would just take it in. This car only has 70k miles on it and has been nothing but problems. Hyundai wouldn't/won't fix most of them under their "warranty". My 02 Silverado still has the factory o2s with 200k and I'm almost sure the check engine has never been on. Only thing I replaced was the brakes/batteries/tires.

Anyway apparently there are a couple different sensors it could be for this car due to California emissions. The one I have has the female rectangular connector on the o2 plug but there are different ones out there so I recommend pulling it off first if you can. This car is from the western US so I didn't know if it had the Cali stuff on it or not and it turns out it didn't. The Cali o2 sensor has a male, rect plug it looks like. I even see a round one that pops up on parts listings?

This is the first car I have ever worked on of the Asian variety so if anyone has more knowledge just chime in. We inherited it from the father in law.:shakehead

It looks like there is a upstream o2 right at a pipe bend just past the exhaust manifold. I guess that is sensor 1. The one I replaced sensor 2 looks like it's mounted in the middle of the cat, not really after it. I'll put up some pictures if I think about it. Any Hyundai guys out there verify it's in the middle of the cat? I'm assuming it's the cat because it doesn't look like a muffler or resonator. I had a little trouble finding it. I used the 7/8" wrench and it was in there tight but it eventually broke loose.

The only videos I could find online people had the air damn/plastic shield underneath pulled down so I thought you needed to do that. Turns out if you need to do the upstream sensor you can get that from the engine bay up top and this downstream sensor you just need to raise the car and it's right there. This is the non cali version though, I don't know what the Cali version looks like.

I just noticed there was a dearth of specific information about this problem/repair and I thought I would contribute a little bit and lets other chime in for even more knowledge.

So I cleared all the engine codes and we gonna find out if that was really the problem. God I hope, this hyundai for such low mileage it has a ton of problems. rant over.

Edit: Added couple pictures of location

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