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Desperately need parts for MFH 1/12 330P4 kit

05-10-2019, 12:34 PM
First - I have already contacted MFH and they could not help. Response was that I need too many parts.
Don't see a point asking any distributor, as they will end up going back to MFH. So, I'm exploring other possibilities.

Does anyone have screwed up MFH 1/12 330P4 close or open body kit they could pouch parts from and sell them to me ?
I've got a started kit and number of parts are damaged beyond my skills to repair them or simply missing. Used parts are fine
as soon as they are in good shape. It's a big shame to have the kit, which has more then 80% of parts in it, but could not be
built. I am looking for any opportunity to get it back into buildable state. Even if you have only few parts from the list below,
let me know. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Here is full list of what I need:
- RE17, RE18
- RE19, RE20
- RE22
- RE43

- M1
- M2
- M4
- M7
- M8
- M27
- M50, M51
- M64, M65
- M66, M67
- M72, M73
- M78
- M88, M89
- M90, M91
- M96, M97
- M100
- M102, M103
- M104, M105
- M106, M107
- M108, M109
- M128 x1
- M139 x2
- M150L, M150R
- M163 x2
- M171 x2
- M182
- M185L, M185R
- M218 x6
- M221 x5
- M226 x? - full set
- M232
- M266
- M274
- M279 x7
- M285 x2
- M291 x? - full set
- M292 x12
- M299 x24
- M320, M321

05-10-2019, 01:47 PM
Write them back asking for 5 parts.

Next month write again asking for the next 5 parts.

Repeat until done. ;)


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