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Neat little remote start project....

03-15-2019, 12:49 PM
Since I am now regimented in my work schedule (leave house at exactly 11:20pm and leave work at exactly 8:30am), I took advantage of the green remote start initiate wire on my crime stopper remote start system. I bought a 12volt, 17 event programmable timer and a simple heat thermostat. Wired them in series and programmed the timer to start my Yukon at exactly 11:00pm each night and exactly at 8:10am each morning that I work. I mounted these inside a box- and put under the driver's seat. If it is the "right time to start" and is less than 50 degrees (adjustable temp) it sends a ground to the remote starter input green wire and starts my truck. If it is warm out, no need to start! So all Winter long, the truck decides whether to start itself or not. Where I work, I am too far away from my truck to go start it every morning with my remote- plus, half the time I would forget to remote start it- and end up scraping frost...so now my truck decides and I am welcomed by a warm truck, only when needed! I also wired in a "kill" switch and a status led light on the outside of the box so that if I don't work that day, I can throw the switch and it doesn't start unnecessarily. The only issue I have had was with Daylight savings change- Forgot to open up the box and change the time- this timer did not have Daylight savings programmed in to it....but that is only twice a year that I have to change it. If needed, my regular remote still works fine, If by chance, I'm driving, and it tries to start, it probably won't, because it is warm in truck, and if if did, it just goes into "pitstop" mode, until I hit the brake- no big deal. Just thought I'd share this....Everyone at work starts their cars on way out the door!! I drive off first!

03-15-2019, 01:41 PM
That is a pretty great idea. Some of the newer remote start systems have a built in thermistor to automatically start if the temperature gets to a certain threshhold, but those are not cognizant of time and may would often start unnecessarily. I like your solution! Thanks for sharing.


03-15-2019, 01:47 PM
2 Thumbs up for Crime stopper remotes..

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