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06 sts cam crank correlation code

03-01-2019, 07:36 PM
I have a 2006 Cadillac STS with a 3.6 liter v6 engine. It had no compression on #5, all the others were good. It also burned oil previous to not having any compression on #5. Disassembled it and found a burned exhaust valve. Did a complete rebuild including bearings, rings and gaskets. The timing chains looked brand new and had been replaced previously as one head was newer and had been replaced recently by the previous owner. It was almost spotless compared to the other side. The heads were completely redone. After it was all back in, it started and ran fine. Drove it out and parked outside for a couple hours, drive it back in and the CEL was on. Found an oxygen senor and evap code, (both unplugged connectors so easy fixes).
It also had codes: P0008, P0016 and P0017. They are cam/crank correlation codes. Looks like wiring, or bad sensors are the easiest fixes, timing being off being the worst case scenario. How can I rule out everything else before I say it's timing is off? It starts and revs fine, I have not taken it for a test drive yet as I can't get the cooling system to burp to get hot air inside the car. Can it possible just be 1 tooth off? The codes are for intake and exhaust only on bank 2 (passenger bank). I double checked timing and had someone else check it that I trust before I installed the cover. Is there something I missed and did get timing off? Any help would be great before I tear everything off to get the cover back off to check timing and redo it.

I found a TSB that state the possibility of the tone ring on the crankshaft can shift and throw the same codes or more. Is it possibly that happened?

I plan to use a bore-scope and check through the crank sensor hole to confirm that.

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