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Which 1/24 Mercedes AMG?

09-30-2018, 06:14 AM
I was wondering how they compare with each other in terms of details, etc. I know they each represent different cars, but is there a clear winner by far, or are they all good?

revell amg gt (yellow)
revell amg sls (red)
tamiya amg gt3 (black)

09-30-2018, 06:53 AM
Tamiya is a stunning kit. Not super detailed but very well engineered. For the revell kits, you want a rims set as always. But they have engines.

If I have time, I use the revell engine to transform in racing edition and use it with tamiya kit. Otherwise the Tamiya kit OOB, will be my first choice.

10-06-2018, 01:20 AM
No, Tamiya is far superior to the Revell kit, the Tamiya kit will almost build itself, you just need to supply the paint and glue

The Revell kit needs to some work to get it to look its best, there are fit issues, the ride height is crap, the wheels stick out, the front and rear bumpers have some fit issues, I could on. It just gonna take some work to get it to look decent , I just completed the Revell kit, you can see in the gallery section.

I have built one of the Tamiya GT3 kits, not posted here, and have more to build, its a very fun kit to build.

10-08-2018, 05:19 AM
Tamiya hands down. The SLR is also quite nice.

With Revell, plan on at least getting replacement wheels and tires from Plamoz. The stock ones are a joke and there are multiple cases of them shipping wrong tires.

While the Revell SLS is older than the AMG GT, it is far better in detail and quality.

For the SLS Fujimi also makes one. Here is a comparison:


The curbside one is Fujimi.

10-12-2018, 03:01 PM
tamiya tutta la vita.
One of the nicest plastic kits I've ever seen so far.

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