lied to by dealer

07-02-2018, 09:50 AM
So first post here so If this is in the wrong spot please don't jump my back about it. But here is my situation.

I bought a used 2007 chevey back in December or January. I have maybe put 1000 - 2000 miles on that MAYBE MAYBE not even 1000. So when I bought it the dealer said he had looked it over and there was one minor oil leak from the oil pan gasket. Ok I said no problem. Took it home and then a stabilizer link bar was broken. Easy fix no problem. I started to question the oil (just cause its a used car and you never know) I changed the oil and the oil that came out was black (no goo yet) but dark black and the sensor said it had 77% oil life left. Fine 2 easy fixes no problem. Then I took it in to get the tires rotated in balanced (NOW THIS WAS 2 WEEKS AGO SO ITS BEEN 6ISH MONTHS) but the dealer came back with these issues

Sturt leaK
window shield wipers
CV axle/joint
tires are cracked and cant be rotated
oil pan


I'm pretty furious with the dealer for saying the checked over the car but around 1000 miles everything is breaking.

so my question is is there anything I can really do? it has 170k miles on it.
should I just sell it or fix it and sell it.

07-02-2018, 05:35 PM
Nothing you can do. You took a dealers word so in the end this is on you. If you don't have the knowledge or ability you should have taken it to an independent shop for a once-over.

Also, its a used car. Things go wrong.

If it still rides fine then its possible the struts are still fine. They'll eventually need replaced, but they probably will suffice for now. Just because they are leaking doesn't mean the original dealer lied.

Brakes could have been fine when you bought it, and they just wore as you drove it. They also could still be fine and pass inspection without an issue.

If the wipers are bad I am sure you would know it. If they aren't streaky then they don't need replaced.

The CV probably has a bad boot. It could have torn in the time you have had the car.

Tires, well, like I said if you had it looked over when you bought it this would have been seen.

No idea why they want to replace the oil pan. Guessing it is either leaking from rust or a bad seal. If you haven't noticed a leak then you need to ask why they want to replace it.

Sounds more like this new dealer you went to for repairs is trying to screw you worse.

Rough estimates:
Struts, lets say $400
Brakes $100
Wipers $40 (for really good ones)
CV axle $70
Tires $500
Oil pan $100

That's only about $1200 in parts, and that is if it is all even bad. Of course they are going to charge you through the nose for labor, but it shouldn't be $3100 in labor.

Hopefully you can learn a lesson from this. Don't take people's word as gospel and as the old saying goes, Caveat Emptor or "Let the buyer beware"

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