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LF: Replacement decals for Tamiya BT46

06-14-2018, 01:30 PM
I need a replacement Tamiya decals from BT46 kit. I have kit made in Brazil and old decal set just does not
work any more. Decals would not stick well, would not react with decal solutions and would not comply to
curved surfaces.

I am specifically after Tamiya decals, because blue colors on them are most correct according to my references.
I have aftermarket sets from Studio27 and Indycals. Blue colors on S27 set are not correct. On Indycals' set there
are red outlines that do not match my red on the body, so I cannot use them either.

I have asked Tamiya's Canadian distributor and they could not provide replacement set for BT46. So, my only hope
is that someone here has a set they could spare.

I found out there is another aftermarket set made by F'artefice - FE-0020. It looks to have accurate colors.
I would buy F'artefice set if someone has it for sale as well.

All expenses on shipping and cost of decals will be covered by me, of course.

PM or email to lezdep (at) gmail (dot) com

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