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A/C Fuse Keeps Blowing

06-02-2018, 05:28 PM
I've got a Ford Escape 06. I took it into the shop about a month ago to get the A/C checked out and have them rethread a bolt hole that I stripped while working on it. After they fixed the hole and looked at the A/C, they said the clutch was pulling too many amps, causing the fuse to blow. I would have to replace multiple parts on the A/C system including compressor and clutch, so I decided it just wasn't worth the cost.

By some miracle my A/C was working great when I got the car back and it continued to work great for about a month, not a single problem! Then the other day, it suddenly decides to stop working and blow a fuse again. The fuse is to the A/C relay and clutch. When I replace the fuse, the A/C will run great for about 5 minutes and then blow again. Any thoughts on what the cause of the blow fuse may be? If the clutch is the problem, is it possible that it just corrected itself for an entire month?

06-02-2018, 09:13 PM
you can check the amp pull at the a/c relay--to know for sure. The coil could be shorting internally- causing the fuse to blow- and yes i can be intermittent-- you can also check the resistance of the coil at the a/c relay- should be around 3.5 ohms usually depending on number of windings etc. if much less, then definitely a shorted coil.

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