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1/35 SS-1c SCUD B' Launcher

02-02-2018, 11:26 AM
This is an older DML kit that I built straight from box. The fit for some parts were good but many were difficult and needed putty or straightening. There are not many decals but you could choose from several countries; I chose East German.

The launcher and base are movable with detailed hydraulic jacks and missile arresting arms. There are also posable (retractable) stabilizing legs on the rear. The door were positionable but had to be glued in place. All of the individual drivers and missile support stations came with basic details in the kit. Finished, the kit is 383mm or 15.08 inches.

If you want something a little different that displays well with other 1/35 military. I recommend this kit to those with moderate to advanced modeling skills, not for the beginner. Current prices range from $35.00 (DML) - $125.00 (Trumpeter), and there are several after market detail sets available.

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