—For the people who've been around a few times

Gokai Ramashita
01-27-2018, 05:49 PM
I'm a strapping young man stepping into a adulthood now, and I've done a little bit of talking with some people, and I figured out that you can learn some cool stuff from smart people like you guys.

And I'd love to hear some tips surrounding cars. If there's a way to get cars like WAY cheaper than you'd normally have to get 'em, ya'know— if there's a typical car brand that's like a huge no-go, that stuff.

Additionally, I'd love to hear an estimate for what money I might have to spend on a car that doesn't look like crap. I mean in general public, like a car that everybody kinda nods and says, "well it's decent, I suppose. Like, I'm not a huge fan of the rear and the chasey is... eh, but its—" etc. I don't really care about the performance too much, just something reliable, that might not get stuck in the snow. Yeah, I live in North Dakota.

I thank you for your time :cool:

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