Buying a car from a dealer that's in inventory with a second dealer

11-15-2017, 07:57 PM
I took my current vehicle to dealer A and they quoted me an attractive price for trade-in. Unfortunately dealer A has done nothing to find me a new vehicle that has what I'm looking for.

On my own, I found a vehicle I want with the features I spec'd to dealer A at dealer B. The vehicle is a 2017 and offered with a hefty cash allowance and option package discounts putting the price below invoice. This price is available on the internet for all to see and I'm comfortable paying this price.

Problem is dealer B's valuation of my current vehicle is well below the price offered to me my dealer A.

Can I go to dealer A and ask them to honor the trade-in value and to source the vehicle I want from dealer B (they're within 50 miles of each other). If yes, should I expect to pay anything for this? Again, the price is on the manufacturer's website so no reason to go higher and allow the dealer margin to compensate for the high trade-in valuation.


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