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Help with tc bolts

10-15-2017, 08:20 AM
Hello all, I've come to hopefully get some help with removing the bolts from my torque converter. I in the. Middle of an engine swap and this. Unforeseen issue has really slowed down the completion. On my particular car the torque converter bolts can be see through the starter hole and an access panel on that other side. The issue is that I can't fit a socket on the bolt Through either side due to no space. Any ideas? I would post a picture but having difficulty in doing so. Thank you

10-15-2017, 09:23 AM
Use a boxed end wrench.

10-15-2017, 09:31 AM
Hmmmmm gimme a sec and I'll try that

10-15-2017, 11:53 AM
Hmmmmm it's looking like an angled box wrench might do the trick. I'll keep you guys posted

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