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1992 Buick lesabre no power to blower A/C blower

08-24-2017, 05:20 PM
Manual A/C
Replaced blower Dec, made a racket and installed new one, worked fine, but apparently the male end of the new blower was bent, well a couple months later the cable finally shorted out the connector completely causing it to work intermittently before i discovered the issue.

So i replaced the blower and used butt plugs to wire a new connector
but did not cut on, no power to the connector.
I even replaced the resistor under the Fuse box near the fire wall thinking this would work.

After a couple more days i redid the wiring of the connector and it finally cut on. But only intermittently. It would go days without working then work all of a sudden for a couple days. then it became a couple days off a couple hrs on.

Now when i turn the key before i start the car if the a/c is on the blower cuts on for a sec then stops

I noticed that some times the blower would not cut on unless i had been driving down the road for a few mins. Other times it cut on from start in the morning. Could there be an overheat override?

Fuses are all good, i have not checked if there is power going to the fuse.

If i am going down the road fast enough i can feel the cold air that the compressor is producing so i don't think thats the problem

Blue Bowtie
08-24-2017, 07:12 PM
Have you checked the blower relay? The blower requires it for all speeds, not just high. I believe the '92 has the relay in the array along the top of the cowl in the engine compartment.

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