Post prices of cars at a dealership?

08-06-2017, 12:16 AM
I stopped at Napeltons in North Palm Beach Florida today. I saw several vehicles I was interested in, but none had their prices posted. Considering I purchased the vehicle I drove in with, from them just a year ago when I saw it on the lot with the price clearly posted, I found it odd that none had prices. The salesman on point came over, said "we're not required to post them if the prices are posted on their website". Ok, what's the price? He couldn't find it on his phone. It was 93 degrees, and sunny, so my patience of standing out there as he searched was growing thinner and thinner, so we left. When l got home, I visited their site, and not any of the cars on their sales lot were on their website, and none on their site did I see on their lot.
Without going into how that's a recipe for failure, but aren't licensed dealerships supposed to post the prices of cars? I know trucks are not required.

08-06-2017, 07:32 AM
The laws on this will vary by state. The dealerships that don't have the price clearly listed are only hoping to snooker someone by having them say they want the car without knowing what it costs, then using high pressure tactics to get them to go through with the sale.

The only way to deal with people like if you find a car on their lot that you want is to do your research ahead of time, get a preapproved loan, then go in and tell them what you're willing to pay out the door.

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