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bugatti t35 relpicas, (especially PurSang stuffs)

07-25-2017, 09:59 AM
I'm really interested in PurSang Bugattis this days.
more: chung cư sun láng hạ (https://kenhchungcuthudo.com/chung-cu/chung-cu-sun-grand-city-31-lang-ha-1208.html)
especially the T35 which was on Jay Leno's garage.
becuz it's Korea here, I can't get in touch with PurSang or other dealers around here,
and I can't even get in touch with the official website
cuz it keep making failures about email system they use.
more: xe tai 2 tan hyundai (http://otodongvang.vn/xe-tai-hyundai-1-tan-9-daehan-teraco-190-1-1-1565014.html)

So is there any other way I can get touch with them?

I just need some infos about them
so other dealerships or 'someone' who knows about PurSang would be nice.

#if anyone knows the price range of T35 PurSang..please tell me too..
tags: xe toyota yaris 2017 (http://toyota-caudien.com/bao-gia-xe-toyota-yaris-2017/)

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