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The BMW 4S shop and BMW (China) became “Black Tavern” (tourist trap), and our friends and we never dare to buy a BMW car anymore

07-25-2017, 02:24 AM
My family bought one 2009 BMW X3 in January 2010, the reason is I worked in one Germany company, we like and believe German products and service quality, we like BMW driving quality, but, unfortunately, we faced many problem, the BMW gave us a lot of pain, shown below is the experience of 2016:
1) In January 2016, the BMW X3 couldn’t pass the annual environmental protection’s gas detection, 2 items were exceed the standard.
1 year before that, in Guangzhou Baoyyue BMW 4S shop (one of Guangzhou Deda BMW series shop), we spent about 10 thousand RMB on cleaning the intake system.
This time, we drived to the 4S shop, the 4S shop told us need to clean three catalytic converters etc. to slove the question, and we spent nearly 3000 RMB on cleaning the three catalytic converters etc, after 4S shop finished it, they told us they had tested the exhaust gas detection, it’s no problem. But, when we go to the monitoring station detection, still 1 item couldn’t pass the standard detection.
We had to spent money on repairing our car in other professional repair shop, finally, our car could pass the EPA detection.

So, we complaint the Baoyue 4S shop, they took our money, but they didn’t solve our car’s question, but the 4S shop refused to take responsibility for it.

We can’t accept it, if the 4S shop can’t solve our question, please they told us at the beginning, so not take our RMB 3000. But they take our money, but don’t solve our car’s question, and refused to take responsibility for it. The shop is really Black Tavern!

2) Around September 2016, the car light alarm lamp, can’t run. We please one tow company to tow the BMW X3 to Guangzhou baoyue BMW 4S shop, we spent more than 4,600 RMB on detecting and replacing intake pipe gas flow meter.
After that, our automobile cab smell very bad than before.

3) In Sep and Oct, 2016, when the car front bumper (2 plastic parts) had been broken, we drive our car to Guangzhou Baoyue BMW 4S shop to replacement all of 2 front bumper (2 plastic parts).
In Sep, we drive to the Baoyue BMW 4S shop, they said they removed all of 2 plastic bumper of car to check what is broken.
In Oct, we are called to replace them.
When we arrived the 4S shop, we told the 4S shop to check why the last maintenance end air flow meter, the car cab smell bad than before.
After all is finished, the 4S shop people said they didn’t found that cab smell a big problem, and didn't say any other thing about the car.
I found the car bumper installed the headlamp cleaning device, so, I let the people check the cleaning device is working properly,
But, but, but,,,,
The headlamp cleaning device does not work. I ask what is going on? The people disappeared 10 minutes, then come back, just told me their service people stick the cleaning device lid with the bumper of car,
I asked why?
He said because the cleaning device lid and the bumper of car were sticked together when their service people remove the bumper!
I immediately complaint that no one told me any about it, when they remove our car’s bumper in Sep and Oct! no one never told us that the cleaning device on the bumper is bad, the lid were stuck in the bumper before or in the whole process.
If I don't remember to check it, the thing will be covered up!
After we argue 1 hour, the 4S shop agreed to repair it.
In this period, when I check engine room, I found that the inlet air pipe is not installed in right place when we arrive the 4S shop, at now, its installed back to the right position “secretly”. It means that in September when they repair my intake flow meter, my intake pipe has not been installed right. This time, 4S shop secretly installed back to the right position, and did not tell me anything. They are really like thief
It's easy to understand, why is the cleaning device bad, but no one told us!
We think the 4S shop damage it or replace it with bad, then we had to pay for the 4S shop repair it!!
4) over a week, 4S shop called us go back to repair the headlight cleaning device, but finally, the people said the device still can’t work, because they found the the clean water pump is broken!

The 4S shop said maybe we broken the device before.
It’s too funny, from the beginning to the end repair, 4S shop didn’t told us the device is broken!!

It's easy to understand, why is the cleaning device bad, but no one told us!
We think the 4S shop damage it or replace it with bad, then we had to pay for the 4S shop repair it!!

The BMW 4S shop is just “Black Tavern” (tourist trap)

In the meantime, I found the official website of BMW(www.bmw.com.cn), and found BMW automobile service number, call BMW customer service center hotline: 400-800-6666 complaints,
But, funny thing is the people just said they will told 4S shop to contact me, I said there was a problem and dispute, the 4S shop can not solve it, I ask them contact BMW (China)company to deal with related matters, 400 people said they don’t have contact information of the BMW China company!!! Funny?!!

In addition, we lost X3 user manual , we only found new type in online only, I sent email and call 400 people, ask them to provide an PDF version to me, they just contact Guangzhou bowyue BMW 4S shop, then, 4S shop called me and told me that they have not!
Do you believe in BMW don’t have one 2009 X3 model user manual!!?? later, I call a complaint to the government hotline 12315, finally, 4S shop send one PDF user manual to me.

The BMW website don’t help user any thing, just help 4S shop, their relationship is just wolf and jackl, they are in collusion.

The BMW 4S shop and BMW (China) had became “Black Tavern” (tourist trap), and our friends and we never dare to buy a BMW car anymore!

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