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Good ol days!!

06-30-2017, 10:16 PM
WOW..... Its been a loooooong time since ive been in here.
Lots of memories man. This website was my life!!
Good ol days. When i tell people ive been in over 400 street races they have a hard time believing me lol.

Wow... First Moderator in this section was the Well respected and legendary Yogsvr4!
Then me, then igovert500 and then i went before all the other moderators and the owner of the site igor.... I told them stealthee needed to help me run this joint. Stealthee it was :)

GOD!!!! I loved this place!!!

SMH.... so I ended up with pancreatic cancer exactly one year from today I had a surgery called the Whipple surgery that last 9 hours. I made it I'm alive but my life will never be the same or should I set my quality of life will never be the same and I deal with immense pain regularly. But I'm alive and I'm okay just in case any of my old friends in here sees this


06-30-2017, 10:39 PM
I saw your post and I almost thought it was someone bringing up an old thread until I saw it only had one post. :D

Good to see you. Sorry to hear about the cancer. I hope you can continue to recover.

Yes, I am still here. I still have my Stealth but it is in a million pieces at the moment. I actually parked it 6 years ago when I grenaded transmission #5. Due to money constraints I wasn't able to get anything done for the longest time. Ironically losing my job two years ago motivated me to get moving on it.

I started with what was supposed to be a few week project and ended up going full bore. Engine bay is bare. Engine is on stand ready to go. Transmission just needs bearing preload set and will be ready. Bay has been repainted, suspension rebuilt, calipers stripped down, sandblasted and repainted. They are just waiting on their rebuild kit and will be reassembled. The list goes on.

05-01-2019, 08:34 AM
Glad you still love the cars man!
Can't believe we are old now man lol. I just turned 38
Years old on the 19th.
I actually have a pretty crazy story as to why I stopped street racing.
My fiance allowed me to buy a vehicle I could do yard work and house work with, while also being able to have some fun. Bought a 2014 Ram Laramie 5.7L V8 Hemi putting out 395HP & 410Lbs of TQ. Nice base to build on.
Gonna get her to 550 to 600HP. Which is not what it used to be in our day.
Dude I can't believe... I never in a million years would have thought back in 2004 that Dodge would one day make a Dodge demon that's capable of literally running 10's in the 1320. I mean that's just insane!! Back in our day they would not dare make something faster than the viper... times have changed!! Lol.

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