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Engine Swap E420

06-03-2017, 04:30 PM
So I have a beautiful 1997 Mercedes e420 that actually other than fading looks factory new in and out but the engine took a dump. Four years ago it started to smoke and was burning two or more quarts of oil a month so I parked it and literally forgot about it at our family farm. Running into endless problems with a C3 project I am doing and having sold my other Mercedes I grew nostalgic for the E420 and towed it to the house. For kicks and giggles I replaced all the fluids, flushed the fuel system, new fuel pump and filter, as well as a new battery but all it does is turn over but wont run. I then remembered why I had parked it and think I am done with trying to run the original engine. So as to my question, what do I do?
Budget is more of an issue to me than it once was, now having to daughters but a can spend a few thousand on the project but really would love to stay under 3k if possible. Maybe that is an unrealistic I don't know, please tell me. I don't have a garage or lift but all the tools I could think of and am handy at welding and light to medium skilled mechanic work. I have rebuilt older engines, SM350 and early Fords but nothing with a computer.
I always liked doing odd projects and just rebuilding the engine in the car or a swap of the same engine doesn't sound fun at all. The 8 cylinder that was in it only produced 217HP any way so no great loss. For the size of the car I was always amazed at how well it would get up and go but it wouldn't make me cry to have more power. I was thinking an LS swap but know little of modern engines. I see lots of AMG low mileage online but that's been done and I don't want the expense of maintaining an AMG engine either. So please give me some idea and advice, if any of you live in Virginia and like to spin a wrench let me know as well.

P.S. don't judge, all my Mercedes friends think I am committing a sin for just thinking about doing this. Wait till I tell my Corvette friends I want to put a 20B rotary I'm my 1981 C3. ;)

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