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Fuse box short.?

05-25-2017, 10:51 PM
99 honda accord ex 3.0 v6 a/t
I bought my car with existing trans solenoid problems. Car died a couple times from radio being on. After getting jumped my cel light blew. Drove over 1200 miles then the heat of summer and the fan not working my car over heated 4 good times before I got home. Replaced radiator and fan switch. Ran decent but shortly after I got electrical codes for all sensors under hood.

I ended up unplugging all wire connectors at the fuse box and find that when I use a multimeter on battery positive to the power side of the fuse holder it shows voltage. It also shows voltage on the opposite side of fuse holder. Like it is going directly to the chassis.

Is my fuse box fried.?

05-30-2017, 08:04 AM
Not necessarily. There will be several devices wanting to draw current, and many of them will have capacitors inside, which after being unpowered for several hours are now discharged. The voltage you are reading may just be due to these discharged capacitors.

If you have an old test light with a bulb instead of LEDs, temporarily connect it in place of your multimeter and see if it starts out glowing brightly, then gradually dims (as the capacitors charge). If so, and it eventually gets to a point where the light is really dim or possibly even out, you should be safe to reconnect the fuse box to the battery.


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