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05-12-2017, 07:46 PM
I just recently moved to Pensacola, Fl and I had totaled my old honda within the first week here. I got it towed to one of the body and paint shops through AAA. The shop was called beforehand and they said that was fine and would look at it but that it was most likely totaled due to its age and such. The shop guy told me it was totaled and mentioned he would look at a car before I bought since I had no one here but I did not take him up on the offer because I did not realize how serious he was about it.

I got a loan through USAA and looked for cars online. I looked through the dealerships in the city, on their websites, and I also looked through truecar. I spoke to USAA about the loan and they told me that if I look under their search engine and went with one of the cars on that I would get a bigger discount on my interest rates and so forth. I looked under USAA's search site which was powered by Truecar.

I found a few options but I had called USAA to ask about the truecar certififcate to see if I were able to haggle with the dealership when I got there even though the certificate said the price with the dealership fees. The guy on the phone told me I could haggle and helped me find what seemed to be a great car deal. It was a 2013 Hyundai Accent (hatchback) that only had 46k mileage and looked great in the pictures.

Since it seemed like such a great deal I took an uber to get there and asked to see it. The dealership guy who I spoke to on the phone about it handed me over to one of the new salespeople, probably thinking I was an easy sell. He took me in one of the cars to the other lot. We went there and the car's bumper had been screwed back on, the side had what seemed to be dents/scratchs and the back had a crack on the back bumper. The tires needed to be replaced and oil looked like it had to be replaced too. The car had cobwebs in the back. I was thinking most of these things would be easy fixes and assumed theyd clean the car first.

We went back and forth for a couple hours and came up with a deal. They would change the oil, replace 3 of the tires, and fix all the bodywork. I put a 500 dollar down payment and put the loan for the 8400 that was left over.

I went today to pick it up from the bodywork being done and the front bumper looked good but the side looked like they barely tapped it into place with a hammer and painted it. The back bumper hadnt been touched and he said theyd fix it when I could drop it back off. I went to the body shop my totaled car was at to sell the car to them for parts. The guy went out and looked at the car and told me I was completely ripped off! I felt so stupid for making this decision. He said the bodywork on the side was not done properly and could be dangerous since it had to do with the frame and structure, the air hose wasnt connected, the plastic protectors that go over the front tires were missing, and just cosmetically there were a lot of issues and should have been much cheaper. He told me he would take it back and demand my money back or more of my money back since what they have "fixed" so far was so bad.

I was so angry. They gave me the information to someone they thought could at least give me advice from a different dealership. I couldnt get a hold of her on the phone and so went to the dealership later and told them I needed to speak to her and they said she was showing a car and asked me what happened. They immediately pulled the carfax and autocheck on the car. The carfax online for the other car looked clean but the autocheck apparently showed frame or structural damage. They looked at it and said it was bad and dangerous and to call USAA and tell them to cancel it and to go back to the dealership and return it if possible.

I went back to the dealership and told them about everything that I found out about the car and that it needed to be returned because it was dangerous. They kept saying it wasn't dangerous and they could fix it but the boss wouldnt let me return it! I was so angry and threw the biggest fit I could. I told them I'd make sure USAA knew about this because I wasn't told it was structural damage and they wouldnt let me return it. Pensacola is a huge military place and USAA only serves military families. They would lose business if USAA wouldnt finance their cars anymore. I told them I would tell everyone at the college, post bad reviews on facebook and google. He said he didnt care because he has many happy customers and I was "the only unhappy customer" and that he would fix everything on the car and it was safe.

USAA said they can't do anything unless it gets returned and the dealership agrees.

Is there anything you guys can think of that I can do? They said they'd fix everything and let me use a loaner car and that I could take it by to be checked by the same mechanic?

I feel so stupid for making this decision but I dont want anyone else to go through this too. I understand I didnt spend 15k or 20k+ on a car but I dont have much because I am trying to get through college.

Sorry its so long.

Eddie Zarate
07-23-2017, 06:47 AM
I suggest you should talk nicely and deal the best option to your dealer.

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