How to get rid of busted car don't need

05-11-2017, 01:06 PM
Hi... I'm in a less common situation where my dad was hurt in an accident a few years back and I still possess his car. I don't officially own in but I do have power of attorney so I have to authority to sell it or whatever.

Long story short, I work from home and don't need my own car at this time. This car, a 2010 pontiac g6, doesnt start and could be due to something small or severe. Also a piece of ice went through the back window and smashed it to bits over the winter. It's no use to me and I can't afford to fix the window or anything else, I need to get rid of it. Some money out of it would be nice but for the most part it needs to go bye, ideally without having to pay for the tow away? How do I do this and who should I call?

05-18-2017, 11:18 AM
One method you can look to is trying to sell it at an auction. I know you can either donate it or try to sell it to make some money off it. Sometimes they can even come pick it up for you.

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