First-car, need some ideas

03-12-2017, 02:39 PM
Whats up everyone, I'm gonna cut to the chase, Ill be buying my first car and I need help because, being a car-loving guy for as long I can remember I just cant pick something and stick with a single idea. This is what I'm looking for... > 4-Door, don't mind 2-doors but from what Ive heard, it gets annoying and cramped > Minimum seating of 5 (including middle of back row) > Something pretty roomy (head and legs, me and the boys all over 6' tall) > Sedan, SUV, Hatchback, (only wagon would be a Volvo) > Decent trunk or rear space for bags, sometimes snowboards, possibly a massive subwoofer, etc... > Reliable, as long as it doesn't break every time I start it > Manual Transmission > Aux input (just making sure there is one...) > No Fiats or Kias... I'm in high school so you know why... Now these are some things that'd I like but I fully understand you cant have everything so none of these are necessary but it'd be cool... > RWD would be cool but Id probably kill myself so maybe not > Something fast(er), maybe a bit modifiable > Of course as many MPG as I can get > Nice sound system > Ive always been a fan of BMW and Mercedes but I'm not sure if that'd be wise because of service and part costs while in high school > Hundreds of cup holders > I like darker colored interiors I live in Canada where we do get snow and need to salt the roads, not sure if that'd change any ideas but just saying. I'm really interested in seeing what you guys think, again I understand there will be plenty of exceptions but the more the merrier. Thanks, -BowelMovements

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