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2005 won't start need to know something about testing Fuel pump

02-19-2017, 10:17 AM
2005 won't start need to know something about testing Fuel pump

hi my 2005 Buick LeSabre run hot i was on the hwy going 70mph and i looked down and it went up to 3/4 on the heat gauge so i was going to pull over but before i could the engine light started flashing and it shut off and they was a burning smell after i let it cool and won't start it just turns over. it's not locked up been told i have a bad fuel pump but don't believe that's the problem. cause it pumps gas out for a few seconds and stops when i take the filter line off. but was told by the auto zone guy that the pump is bad if it stops pumping i believe maybe for a old car but mine probably has a sensor to tell it to stop pumping need a real mechanic to verify this thank you, car run hot and shut off was a burning smell but it didn't lock up still turns over but won't crank replaced crank sensor , cam sensor , checked the timing chain, and replaced the control module because the same auto zone guy tested it and said it was bad but didn't fix the car so think he's just don't know what he's talking about or trying to sell parts also it's getting fire thank you for any help

02-19-2017, 11:54 AM
I recently saw a meme with a picture of AutoZone that said, "Working here does not make you a mechanic."

From my personal experience AutoZone hires "salespersons" and don't care if they have automotive knowledge or not, so take any advice you get from employees there with a grain of salt.

There could be multiple issues causing your problem. The fuel for a few seconds and shutting off could simply be the fuel pump priming. You need to test for spark and check fuel pressure at the rail. A car needs 4 things to run. Fuel, spark, air, and timing.

Tech II
02-19-2017, 08:32 PM
I agree......try starting car with MAF disconnected...if it still doesn't start, re-connect and check vac line to f/p regulator for fuel.....if ok, get a can of carb cleaner, and spray into intake while cranking the vehicle.....if the car starts and runs as long as you spray, it's a fuel delivery problem...either low/no pressure or the injectors are not firing...

Has the vehicle been scanned for codes?

Unfortunately, you are a victim of shotgunning parts, with no diagnosis...

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