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So Frustrated

02-03-2017, 11:15 PM
We have a 2003 Cavalier. Shes been a good runner up till lately. First it was the fuel pump assembly(has been replaced), along with fuel filter, then it was the fuel pressure regulator(has been replaced), now the temp gauge doesn't work. Except for every once in a while when all of a sudden it starts to jump, then goes back to nothing. the strangest thing is that when this happens, the car will surge and the rpm gauge kinda gets a little funny. I've read that the cluster panel may be bad, but wld that affect the engine. oh and the transmission shifts HARD when you put it into drive and when it goes into second. this is not an every time thing yet. and as far as we can tell, the fluid is not low. PLEASE HELP WE ARE SO FRUSTRATED!!!!

Blue Bowtie
02-04-2017, 11:04 AM
Welcome Aboard!

Do you have access to a code scanner, even a rudimentary unit? If not, you can drive the vehicle to any of several automotive parts chain stores and have someone read the stored error codes for you, usually free of charge. They perform this service with the hope of selling you related parts. In this case, simply get the codes read (make notes about the stored codes) and thank them.

I suspect the issue may be related to the coolant temperature sensor and/or its wiring. If the problem were simply the instrument panel the engine would not likely react differently to the intermittent signal.

If the PCM (on board computer) receives an erroneous or intermittent signal from the engine coolant temperature sensor (ECT) the PCM will alter how the vehicle runs based upon standard data tables rather than actual measurements. This causes the fuel mixture, ignition timing, transmission shift points and pressure modulation, and various other systems to divert to a failsafe (limp home) mode of operation.

Get and post any error codes, and please identify which engine is installed in the vehicle. We'll likely be able to point you in a direction to locate the problem(s).

02-11-2017, 12:18 AM
Ok thank you, actually i think my friend has one...i will put codes up as soon as i get them. oh and its a base model not a bio fuel

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