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Honda Accord Undercarriage Part

12-27-2016, 06:45 PM
Can anyone identify what piece of the undercarriage this is and if I should worry if it came off? The car is a Honda Accord. Thanks.

12-28-2016, 10:05 AM
You don't mention what year your Accord is. That looks like a bracket for retaining wires or tubes, such as either spark plug wires or fuel and brake lines.


01-08-2017, 12:01 PM
It is a fuel line bracket. Hanging fuel lines is bad. Replace it, should be about about $20 if it's even broken, I can't see that it is. If not, reinstall it, hopefully with a means of preventing it from falling off.
These pictures are from a Toyota, but very relevant to you:


In this one, the bracket at the bottom/rear is broken in half. At the top/foreground note the stud. A bracket fell off; that's what you'll see looking under your car. Look for 4 pipes kinda loose with a stud between them, and figure out how to get your bracket to stay on. Replace if necessary.

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