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How i restored the plastic and rubber trim on my car

12-19-2016, 08:50 AM
Hi everybody :) a few weeks ago i got a detailing product from this web shop and i tried it on my car and was really happy with the results.
It’s some restore paste for the plastic and rubber parts of the car, some new brand i never heard about from israel called “forberz ride effect”,
found out about it through a good friend that collects antique and classic cars, and uses it for a few years to keep his cars.
my car was in a pretty bad shape, plastic trim parts are sun faded with lots of polish and wax stains..
when i started applying it, it was super greasy and concentrated but then i took a tiny bit and use an old shirt to rub it on the plastic,
and you can really see it absorb inside the plastic turning shine and looks like new and by instructions it says to wipe it dry after half an hour
so i did it :) and the compound is kinda clear yellowish and has no black color in it like most of the products,
so you do not need to worry about messing your whole car with some black
filth like i did once...

I saw some people here were interested for something that will not kill the plastic to preserve it,
and i gotta say it looks and feels like the plastic absorbs the compound and it really revives it, also says non-toxic on the label yayy
i took some pictures for you to see and decide for yourself ;)
anyway i’m pleased with it and recommend it.
i took some pictures for you to see and decide for yourself ;)
hope this was helpful!

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