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Share collection experience of Sylphy

12-13-2016, 08:11 PM
Model Scale: 1: 18
Model color: black, sky blue, gray
Model introduction: 6 place can be open, suspension with shock absorbers.
Old Sylphy you still can buy in online, if you want to buy please hurry.
Collection experience: in my Impression, get it seems to use another car exchange with my colleagues .
The original car introduced: August 24, 2006 listing, was sold 16.78-19.98 million RMB, although as replace of blue bird - Zhizun , new generation models, But in the body size smaller than the mainstream B-class car a lot , Gradually ,lose the competitive advantage to other competictor, but still achieved quite good sales, but the name of the Bluebird gradually been forgotten, and Bluebird marked only in the car buttocks .
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