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Share collection experience of sunny

12-13-2016, 12:36 AM
Model Scale: 1: 18
Model color: white, dark blue
Model introduction: 6 place can be open, suspension with shock absorbers. At present, this car model is very rare on Taobao, the average price more than 800 yuan . Of course, if you are does't hate pattern , you can buy the race version, the price is less than 200 yuan.
Collection experience: the experience of collected Nissane Bluebirde made me immediately to buy the sunny, although there a lot of stores can buy it, and the price is very cheap.
The original car: June 16, 2003 listing, price 17.28-18.28 million yuan, I don't know why once it was set into elderly women car. The first time I saw the sunny is in August 2003 , a photographer drive it, and that would be the first impression is a photographer is a very cool career, regret in the university did not Listen carefully in the photography class.
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