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Share collection experience of Teana

12-12-2016, 09:33 PM
Model Scale: 1: 18
Model color: black, blue, silver
Model introduction: 6 place can be open, suspension with shock absorbers. At present, this car model almost extinct in Taobao, and only two shop still to sell, there are some 1: 43 ,some players may want to collect it .
The original car introduced: September 28, 2004 listing, the price about 24.98-34.98 million RMB, which means the first cooperation of Dongfeng and Nissan, although I do not like the appearance of Teana, but when it comes to Teana we are all love the interior design, comfortable like a house ,there is a bright spot in those days , there have a comfortable row 2 seats, that was the point corporate promotion focus on .
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