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Share collection experience of Bluebird

12-12-2016, 09:00 PM
Model Scale: 1: 18
Model color: black, white
Model introduction: 6 place can be open, suspension with shock absorbers. At present, this model is 1,500 yuan, the most expensive is 1900 yuan.
Collection experience: it's very difficult to find this model even though in 2005. but finally i found 6 car, 400 yuan each, but i have no so much money, so i introducted it to my friend who sell car model and he bought it all ,i collected one . my friend sold other 5 car are more than 800 yuan, now think about that, i should really keep it. that's who can think of this price now become so hight ,like the China 's housing prices is hard to reach it .
This price is already highter than lots of domestic car, I know more expensive than the Blue is the old Beijing Jeep 2020, the jiefang bread,
Changfeng cheetah Feiteng, cheetah, old Iveco, the oldest Beverly.
it is the most sophisticated car model engine than i ever saw in the domestic car model.
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