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2004 Buick Lesabre Crank Issue

11-29-2016, 01:18 PM
A couple of weeks ago I had to start cranking my Buick, 3800 series II V6, 2
times before it would start and also had to push the gas to get it to start
also. after about a week it stopped turning over at all, sounded like it
wanted to but it wouldn't. Did some research and replaced the fuel pump.
Got everything switched out including the new wire harness that it came
with and made double sure I followed the wiring diagram. Got it all hooked
up but still having the crank issue. Had a mobile mechanic come out to help
me diagnose the issue and he found I was getting fuel to the plugs
because they had fuel on them and I was missing spark to at least 1 coil
pack. He suggested replacing all 3 at once and also the ignition control
module since I had previously messed up and put 2 of the wires on one of
the packs in the opposite spots. Changed all 4 parts and still not turning
over so now I'm looking for any other input as to what my issue could be.

Tech II
12-04-2016, 05:30 PM
Well, we are going to have to start from the beginning.....unusual to have all these parts fail at the same time....

BEFORE you replaced the fuel pump, you SHOULD HAVE checked fuel pressure....it doesn't sound like you did, so you may have replaced it for nothing....but since the pump, if original, was 12 years old, you may have saved yourself a future problem....

You had no spark on one coil.....your mobile mechanic, did not swap a coil to determine if the coil was bad or the ICM was bad? Much cheaper to buy one coil, than 3 coils and one ICM....

Do you have spark from all 6 terminals?

Are the plugs fouled?

Have you checked fuel pressure with a gage?

Checked for codes, especially a P0300 misfire code?

Made sure all the wires are going to the correct coil terminals?

If you have spark on all six, and good fuel pressure(around 50 psi), and you have injector pulse to each injector(need a noid light to check), the vehicle should start.....

If it doesn't, then disconnect the MAF sensor, and try to start vehicle....if it now starts, need MAF sensor.....

Also check the vac line to the fuel pressure regulator, if there is fuel in the line, the regulator is leaking.....normally this shouldn't affect the car on a cold start(unless it was dumping).....it will however cause the car to stall, or have hard starts on a warm start.....

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