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Confussion lower fuel rail gasket 4.0l V6 OHV

10-27-2016, 04:17 PM
Doing a valve cover replacement on 1999 ford explorer 4.0l v6 OHV which means taking off upper intake manifold. Rod sent me the torque specs sequence for the upper intake bolts, Thanks rod! When it came down to replacing the bottom fuel rail gasket (since I had it all apart, might as well do it, mine was thick and the one supplied was paper thin). The sets I bought were are FelPro. The valve cover gasket set (VS50368T) included a thin lower fuel rail gasket but didn't include the 3 gaskets for the bottom of the upper intake manifold. Had to buy another set to get them. MS90732 came with the 3 gaskets that fit in the bottom of the upper intake manifold, EGR O-ring for the tube that goes into the upper intake phelam and a Thick spacer, lower fuel rail gasket (has no silicone around the port entries, its just a spacer. You'll see this in the pic later. After digging thru discussion boards I found what I needed. Part No# F6TZ-9E436-C lower fuel rail gasket is what you need. Apparently the others you are supposed to sandwich two thin lower fuel rail gaskets in between the spacer and you have to get one more thin lower fuel rail gasket because the sets I bought only has one thin gasket. The gasket I mentioned relieves all of that. What a PITA. also get the o-rings for the fuel injectors. Ill include links for the removal process. I bit the bullet, you can find this part number on Ebay from 10 to 40 bucks if you have time for shipping. Went to the stealership I needed to get it done today. This part number is also good for some ford rangers. Hopefully I explained this right and relieves some confusion of the 3 part lower fuel rail gasket replacement, I was confused. In the pic, top gasket that came with MS90732, Itís a Spacer only! Middle gasket (VS50368T) came with thin gasket (thin, to be sandwiched with another one between the spacer, youíll need to buy another thin gasket. Bottom one is all you need. Has the thickness and silicone on both sides. (Same as the one that is on my 1999 exploder)

10-27-2016, 04:56 PM
this is the pic of sandwich for the two thin lower fuel rail gaskets between the spacer you dont need

10-29-2016, 08:40 AM
Wanted to give you a pic of the gasket and Part number you need for the lower fuel rail. As I said there are a ton of them on ebay that range from 8-40 bucks.
Instead of sandwiching it with spacer in between.

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