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Leaking coolant 96 olds cutlass ceria 3.1l

10-16-2016, 10:38 AM
Finally got time to replace manifold gasket that had a exterior coolant leak for years on passenger side. After i cleaned engine out an replaced all the gaskets and properly torqued almost everything back together. I replaced an filled the fluids, (Oil, coolant) and found antifreeze leaked from an open port hole in throttle body outlet. (A smooth bored hole similar to injector ports) Because i removed coolant tube/port, instead of the clips to heater hose. After reinstalling intake plenum and inlet outlet hoses torqued it wrong the first time 44. Did manifold to cylinder 18 in lbs.The head on car runs like a top with no noise. Now since post of 10/16/2016 only have noticed one maybe two minor oil leaks under around throttle body area again and back side of engine. maybe go over over the manifold gasket again?

Tech II
10-18-2016, 08:38 PM
Go to AutoZone web site......register.....then install your vehicle info(year, make, model, engine) and look up repair guides, engine mechanical.....picture, torques, and sequences are given for free...

10-19-2016, 06:13 AM
3100 SFI V6 upper intake manifold I cant find sequence on autozone web page. When reinstalling plenum i was trying for 44 in lbs torque. Ordered two studs and 10 new head bolts (12) from out of state dealer that had 80. I measured them to be M8 1.25 1 1/2 after snapping one. Also just ordered new aluminum heater coolant inlet/ outlet tubing part with quick disconnect o ring new leak. Transmission has how many remaining two quarts torque converter added a gallon.
It runs with no leaks now yet, a hydraulic lifter tapping and engine light is blinking. The code reader cable reads 309 Miss fire cyl, 5. So I pulled that plug which was not burning had a layer of dry brown Carbon/sludge. After cleaning it and checking for spark that had a blue spark i guessed maybe the spark plug wire or spark plug gaping is wrong pr the 2 an 5 coil pack is old. Replaced plug an tapping (Miss in 5 cylinder) still persists after reaching operating temperature. Installed new plugs and wires solved all issues. Its real quite now 4 yrs of cold taping gone in morning.

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