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Original car halogen bulb upgrade to led headlight

10-05-2016, 03:12 AM
HIDs require a ballast. The ballast has several functions. Firstly, it creates a high voltage pulse to initiate the arc. It then monitors and controls the current flow to the bulb for regular operation. This is most often in the form of AC power in contrast to the carís DC supply. The ballast takes the form of a small sealed unit the size of a cigarette box.

LED headlight neednít a ballast.

Due to the nature of HIDs, they have a brief warmup period, in the order of 5 seconds. During this time, you donít have the brightest light.

LEDs on the other hand have an instant on ability, so you go immediately from darkness to full brightness.

The lifetime of an HID light is most closely linked to the amount of times the light is turned on, and not the total running time of the light. However, under normal circumstances, this should warrant 2500 hours of use. What the manufacturers claim is three times more than a standard halogen light bulb.

The lifetime of an LED light is most closely linked to its operating temperature. The cooler the operating temperature, the longer it will continue to function. Most manufacturers promise that, with proper care, their LEDs are will survive the lifetime of the vehicle theyíre fitted to.

Contrary to popular opinion, LEDs do generate heat. Less than a halogen, but because LEDs are so small, this heat is concentrated in one spot. As a result, high power LEDs require cooling mechanisms to ensure they donít overheat. In some instances, this can be a simple heatsink, but more often a fan is also included to ensure the flow of cool air over the heatsink.

I have enough of those cheap and crap led headlight. I will not be cheated again by those vendors who claimed good appearance and famous chips and so on.In fact, all they clamied for cover the led headlight problem of heat dissipation.
The heat dissipation of led headlight depends on power,Lumens, and light effect.
Whether led headlight has conquered the heat dissipation is the first and important factor for me to choose led headlight.

1.Open up the engine cover.
2.Find headlight installation position.
3.Unplug the headlight power plug.
4.Open and remove the rubber cover.
5.Remove the original car halogen bulb.
6.install on the led headlights.
7.Connect the drive power,and cover with rubber cap.
8.Fix the driving power in proper position (the installation process,find that the driving power is fixed to the air-conditioning condenser,have good effect on cooling and heat dissipation.)
9.Trim off the excess length ties.

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