AUTO FRAUD, what can i do?

09-22-2016, 04:22 AM
Hi There,
I would like to share a nightmare yesterday when i purchased a Toyota car from a man who posted Ad in Craigslist. He clearly stated in the Ad that the car is perfect with clean title. So i met him and test drive the car, i don't find any problems and we reach a cash deal. I asked him many time if this car is clean title, he always say yes and The blue Texas title he showed me does not have "salvage" mark. so I trusted him and did not do VIN check. After i came home, the car fail to start and i checked the VIN and found it is a salvage title car. I contacted the seller and he stopped answering any of my call and text message. He has also deleted his Craigslist post. What should i do? we are in depression now as those money is hard for us to earn. Any help are appreciated!


09-22-2016, 07:47 PM
Besides the bogus title, what else do you have for evidence? Text messages, e-mails, or any recorded conversation of the seller claiming the title was clean would be very helpful. If you have adequate proof of fraud, a lawsuit against the seller would probably be the way to go. If you win the case, the judge might order the seller to take back the car and give you your money back, or just pay you a large amount of cash. Since you made that transaction, you probably know his name and where he lives, or at least where you may be able to find him. That's all you really need.

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