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Do not pay for brands. Do NOT buy Audi.

09-15-2016, 01:11 PM
Our lives depend on the inflation rate. Inflation is an indicator revealing the value of our money. The higher the inflation rate, the poorer we become. Why? Increased inflation causes prices to rise. The more they rise, the less we can buy for the same amount of money.
The inflation rate is officially calculated, controlled and published. However, there is another type of inflation - when the price stays the same, but product quality decreases. This type of ‘hidden’ inflation also has a negative impact as it causes us to dip into our pockets more often to repair or replace the poor quality item. We get what we pay for, right? So if we can afford it, we’re willing to spend that ‘extra’ for a good brand. Unfortunately, this strategy is not always successful.
Allow me to share an example. My wife and I wanted a quality, luxury car from a company that also offered great service. We decided on an Audi, based on the company’s reputation and the salesperson’s guarantee that our choice of car was indeed considered high-quality luxury and that we’d receive excellent service.
Four years and 60,000 km later, my wife was driving down the highway and the fabric lining on the roof of the car completely fell off and landed on her head. We contacted an Audi representative. As the three-year warrantee had already expired, the representative said there would be a cost to fix it. We explained that this wasn’t a warranty issue. This was about a poorly constructed vehicle. The representative and the service department brushed us off.
For our hard earned money, we neither received a quality product nor proper, let alone excellent service from this ‘luxury’ auto maker. We feel swindled.
I posted this story on Facebook a few weeks ago because we thought other should know in order to avoid the same experience. Audi removed it. They did however ask for my contact details. As of today’s posting, I have yet to hear from them.

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