Buying an old Car ? 1997 Hyundai Excel

09-03-2016, 04:48 AM
Hi Everyone,

I am thinking of buying a Hyundai Excel 1997 - 2 previous owners, 245000km. Since I don't know anything about cars, I have a few questions for you :

1) Is it ok to buy a car this old or should I definitely go for something more recent ?
2) The engine is fine, according to the mech. I am going to ask extra check for gearbox, direction and brakes. Is there anything else that requires attention (including some sensible parts in the engine) ?
3) This car would come with rego and roadworthy, I was thinking of buying it 1500$, is it a good deal (if everything's in order naturally) ? Should I get it for less (or not at all) ?

Thx for your answers,
Cheers to all.

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