Looking for new car, need help!

08-22-2016, 12:19 AM
I have a 2002 mustang gt procharged making 420rwhp and 410 torque. Looking for something preferably newer. Under $17k and at least under 100k miles. Something that when modded slightly can easily compete with it. I was thinking a g37s coupe, cobalt ss turbo, 1st gen cadillac cts v, mazdaspeed6...Car should be fairly easy/decently cheap to maintain. So alot of euro cars are out of the question. I pretty much like any type of car. Just looking for something that is fairly fast that you wouldnt think twice about. Thanks for your time!

09-29-2016, 01:23 PM
That Infiniti G37 is a decent option, there are plenty of aftermarket parts available to get some serious power going. I'm not sure if I'd recommend the Cobalt SS, especially if you plan to tune it for more power. It's front wheel drive and GM doesn't exactly make sophisticated front differentials. As a result you'll be wrestling with torque steer at full throttle in straight lines, and it will understeer like a pig and slide wide through corners if you even touch the throttle while cornering vigorously.
As great of a car as the CTS-V is, I'd be a little weary of one under $17k. Yes it will easily keep up with your mustang, maybe even blow the doors right off it. After all, that is essentially a supercharged Corvette engine under the hood. However, it never was a cheap car, so to get one under $17k there would have to be something wrong with it.
This is actually kind of funny... I'll just say for the record that I am not a Mazda salesman, I promise. However this is the second time today I've recommended a Mazdaspeed 6 to someone. The engine packs 270 horsepower without any modification and the power goes to all 4 wheels. It would need some upgrades to keep up with your mustang, but once you have the power, you also have a car that will corner much better than your mustang and it's live rear axle.
For me, out of the 4 options I'd go for the Mazdaspeed 6 or maybe the Infiniti.

10-08-2016, 03:37 AM
Hi new to this forum. If you're thinking new and want to lease. I work with a new car buying service. We use our supplier discounts & concessions with dealerships as a larger discount to the public. :)

You can lease a new CTS-V for $899 mo or if you just want muscle and less luxury go with a Charger Hellcat $1200's range payment.

We're a nationwide service. We're usually about $2500 less than dealers or $50 to $100 less per month on lease payments.

Anthony @ DSR Leasing

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